14 September 2012

Philly flea market tomorrow, Saturday 15 September 2012

Super quick note today.

I don't know who these people are, the Phila Flea Markets, and their website doesn't indicate who their fundraising goes to, or give an EIN for me to check out their deal at Guidestar.org. But! For my bottom line, it's worth my while to take a leisurely spin through the flea market when it comes to my neighborhood to find a thing or two.

Over the years, I've found cast-iron cookware, a copy of the new, "improved" Joy of Cooking, a "real" Joy of Cooking from 1975, a big floppy straw hat I wear daily in the summer to prevent freckles and a sunburned nose, and some table linens.

The flea market sets up at different locations around the city throughout the summer and then moves to an indoor location over the winter. (This weekend they're in the Society Hill neighborhood at 3rd and Pine Streets.) Some vendors are one-time tag-salers, trying to clear out their basement or an estate. Other vendors are old hands. And not only are many vendors frequent flyers, but so is a lot of the merchandise, as well. That is, you'll see some of the same faces, and some of the same items, over and over again. And I mean over years, sometimes. But you'll find vendors with new merchandise still in its original packaging, too. Maybe it fell off a truck, who knows?

I'm not in the market for any major purchase at the moment. I could use a few kitchen implements -- a couple of particular utensils and a second, larger slow cooker -- but this weekend I'll mostly be window-shopping. Under the protection of my flea-market straw hat, of course.

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