03 September 2012

Link round-up: Emergency preparedness

To continue last week's theme, and to continue a focus on emergency preparedness as we plow on through this year's Atlantic hurricane season:

National Hurricane Center - Be ready! Suggestions for a disaster supplies kit, a family or workplace plan, FEMA evacuation guidelines, and advice about pets.

From Mother Nature Network, via CNN - More about keeping your pets safe during emergencies.

Mayo Clinic - Food safety and meal plans, including a brochure (PDF) of a three-day meal plan and recipe list (PDF) for a family of four. Note that the meal plan lists some expensive groceries; it's probably best use it as just one tool in your toolbox, not a be-all, end-all, definitive guide to follow strictly.

Unclutterer.com - Ask yourself: Are you prepared for severe weather and natural disasters?

American Red Cross - Apps for iPhone and Android for monitoring hurricanes and finding emergency shelters.

City of Philadelphia - Office of Emergency Management offers brochures and no-cost community workshops, for everybody but in particular for seniors and for businesses.

The Mormon Church - Intro to building up your year's supply of foods and necessities for the home, or working on just a three months' supply.

Again, happy prepping!

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