17 September 2012

On trash picking

Light blogging today; we took a tumble on the pavement over the weekend and are still a little sore.

Over at Grid magazine, an article about trash picking in Philadelphia, where "there’s plenty of opportunity for salvageable items to be absorbed into new homes before the trash truck comes lumbering down the street."

I live just off of South Street, in a neighborhood that includes million-dollar, single-family homes as well as condos and rental apartments, both low- and high-rise. The trash-picking opportunities seem endless sometimes. I've personally trash-picked a lamp that sits prominently in my living room; some mason jars for canning; a small stockpot; and even a sweater. When my last TV gave up the ghost, a friend of mine hauled it to the curb for me, and it was trash-picked itself within a half hour.

Not just my neighborhood, though. Over in University City at the end of the academic year, there's always "Penn Christmas" -- a pejorative term that the university has embraced over the past few years with a benefit sale of items that the area's temporary residents abandon upon leaving.

How's the trash picking in your neighborhood?

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