23 July 2012

About the Rowhouse Livin' blog

The author is a lawyer and single parent living in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We live near South Street: a neighborhood of rowhouses, low-rise apartments, a bustling business and entertainment area, and small parks, a short walk from the Independence Hall historic area. I grew up in semi-rural Chesterfield County, Virginia, and suburban Wilmington, Delaware, but I've lived in densely populated cities -- Seattle and Philadelphia -- for about 20 years now.

I've lived a lot of those years on a budget, for one reason or another, so this is a blog about urban home economics: low-cost healthy eating, pantry planning, emergency preparedness, and stretching your dollars in the city.

All material on the blog, including but not limited to text and photos, is copyright © Michele Grant, except for (1) the banner image, adapted from Philly Skyline, which is copyright © 2010 Ray Skwire and used by permission; and (2) content generated automatically by Google AdSense (please click away! Clicks help stock my pantry). All rights reserved by their respective owners.

In addition to Google AdSense, the blog participates in an affiliate link program through Amazon.com. Most of the time, we link to things that we would actually buy ourselves, penny-pinchers who we are. When you buy something we link to, you support Rowhouse Livin'. Thanks!

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